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Dave's DriveSocial Podcast

Dave Walter from DriveSocial

Dave is a digital marketing manager working with some great Australian businesses, as well as an eCommerce store developer and digital marketing specialist. Alongside his work, he studies cloud technology, AI and ML, databases and systems. With a past in the both the ICT industry and warehousing and distribution, Dave's combination of skills and experience has been highly beneficial to his clients in building and growing their brands, and streamlining their marketing campaigns.Listen to Dave as he covers websites, e-stores, advertising and search optimisation in the DriveSocial podcast. Some links and references may be affiliate links. This means DriveSocial will receive financial benefits if the links are used, at no additional cost to you. We use these benefits to cover and continue the podcast. Your support is greatly appreciated. Dave uses and recommends Buzzsprout for his podcasts. Learn more at https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=1202846

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